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Hello, my Priv does not recharge. Battery is completely empty. When I connect the charger, the red light goes on, then it vibrates and shows a battery with a lightning, after a few seconds it shows the charging symbol with 1 or 2 percent capacity. After a few seconds the screen and the red light switch off and the procedure starts again. After a few hours, the capacity is still too low to start the phone.

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I have the same problem. Funny enough, it started exactly two weeks after my warranty was up on my Priv. I’m seen and heard many other people complain about this problem. For now, I have a wireless charger, but one would think that since this is obviously a defect in the phone, BlackBerry would fix it for us free of charge. I didn’t spend over $600 for a phone to have in break in 54 weeks. My BB Bold still works great, and I’ve had that since 2009. I’m VERY disappointed in BB’s response to this problem. If I have to pay to get it fixed, I’m just going to buy a phone from a different manufacturer who will actually stand behind their product and take care of their customers.

Answered on May 24, 2017.
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