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    • BlackBerry Leap is available starting today in the UK through Vodafone and ShopBlackBerry.com (and other countries soon to follow). In what is becoming somewhat of a tradition, I sat down with the device to unbox it and walk through some of the main features. As you’ll see, the BlackBerry Leap has a fantastic, modern design. Watch below.

      The BlackBerry Leap features a brilliant 5-inch HD display and runs BlackBerry 10.3.1, the latest version of BlackBerry 10 OS. It has built-in security to keep private matters private, a best-in-class typing experience, (as you’d expect from a messaging and productivity powerhouse) and up-to a 25-hour battery designed to power you through a full day.
      With the BlackBerry Hub on that large touchscreen, you’ll be able to keep your finger on the pulse of your many inboxes – social, work and personal emails, calendar, calls, texts. . . BBMs. The 16×9 display renders apps very well, and there is a huge selection between BlackBerry World and Android apps on the Amazon Appstore. Speaking of apps, I’d also highly recommend checking out BlackBerry Blend, which allows you to securely access your BlackBerry Hub items, files and more from your computer or laptop.
      For those of you getting your hands on BlackBerry Leap for the first time today, be sure to read these insider tips from BlackBerry employees. Share your first impressions below in the comments!

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    • It’s finally here – the all-touch BlackBerry Leap has landed in the UK, offering rising professionals and savvy businesses everywhere an affordable way to give their productivity a jumpstart.
      The BlackBerry Leap, formally announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, brings with it all that OS 10.3.1 has to offer in a sleek, modern design with a generous 5-inch HD touchscreen that people are taking notice of.

      (Be sure to check out the initial reactions to the BlackBerry Leap announcement, the introductory video, a look at the device’s design, quick-start tips from BlackBerry staff, info on apps for the BlackBerry Leap, our official unboxing video, and more.)
      From the 25-hour battery to BlackBerry Blend and the BlackBerry Hub, it’s all there and ripe for the taking starting today in the UK from ShopBlackBerry.com and Vodafone, with other countries soon to follow.
      “A Secure, Business-Focused Productivity Platform”
      “With its 5-inch, 720p touchscreen and bog-standard rectangular shape, the BlackBerry Leap . . . is aimed at “young career builders” . . . in need of what the BlackBerry pedigree implies: a secure, business-focused productivity platform,” writes CNet’s Nate Ralph and Andrew Hoyle in a hands-on look at the device. (We’ll feature the full review as soon as it’s up.)
      “The device runs BlackBerry OS 10.3.1, which tweaks the look and feel while also baking in a few new tricks, including improvements to multitasking and how background apps are managed,” they write. “[The BlackBerry Leap’s virtual keyboard] supports multiple languages and will step in to correct your egregious typos, and generally behaves much like a virtual keyboard on a modern smartphone should. More importantly, the lack of a physical keyboard means you’ll have the full 5-inch display to play with. Its screen is also very bright, though the 1,280-by-720-pixel resolution is a touch low for a modern smartphone at this size . . . [S]ome would argue it’s professional-looking. A 2,800mAh battery and a few power consumption tricks built into BlackBerry OS should net up to 25 hours of battery life. And the 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm 8960 processor feels nice and zippy while bouncing around menus and the like . . . [The BlackBerry Leap] is a leap of faith that’s aimed at roping in young go-getters to establish a new generation of BlackBerry faithful.”
      “BlackBerry Leap is Arriving at a Perfect Time”
      “If you look at everything on the whole, the BlackBerry Leap is arriving at a perfect time,” writes Crackberry’s Christopher Parsons, who goes by the moniker “Bla1ze” on the website, in a very in-depth review. “[The] potential is certainly there . . . Right out front you have a bright 5-inch, 1280×720 LCD display that, even when set to mid-levels for battery saving reasons, still manages to look great and have some nice color pops to it . . . On a comparison level, I think anyone who is thinking of moving into a Leap from say a BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry Z3 or even a BlackBerry Z30 would be happy with the Leap display . . . The virtual keyboard on BlackBerry 10 is still one of the best on mobile and the BlackBerry Leap sticks to that best-in-class keyboard experience. As with all BlackBerry 10 phones, the keyboard learns how you write and because of that, it offers some of the best error correction available on mobile devices plus, multi-language support is built right in allowing for you to type multiple languages simultaneously . . . BlackBerry loaded up the device with a 2800 mAh non-removable battery [and] I don’t think anyone is going to have any issues with battery life on the Leap . . . [H]aving a phone that performs well and sounds good remains a high priority, [and] it’s no surprise the Leap is great for calls . . . At the end of the day, BlackBerry needed to make this device happen, [and it’s a] solid and very capable device that comes at a reasonable price.”

      “The Next-Generation All-Touch BlackBerry”
      “BlackBerry Leap [sports] a beautiful 5” screen covered by Gorilla Glass 3, [and even] takes a few design queues from the Porsche design house,” writes BerryReview’s Ronen Halevy. “I personally am loving the rubberized yet not-too-grippy back that molds perfectly into your hand. The most impressive part is that it is all available for only $275 . . . This is the type of phone you feel can handle some rough and tumble. . . [The BlackBerry Leap packs] enough power for 25 hours of heavy use [thanks to] a 2800mAh battery that will carry you through the whole day . . . Overall, BlackBerry has a very solid phone on their hands that really does justice to its pedigree . . . It brings the latest OS 10.3.1 features including the built in dual app store from Amazon and BlackBerry along with Blend and BlackBerry Assistant. [T]his is the all-touch BlackBerry you have been waiting for.”
      “The BlackBerry Leap Helps You Start Up”
      “[T]his phone is designed to be used, with reflective surfaces and industrial design, writes BerryFlow’s review team of James Nieves and Jubei Raziel. “[The BlackBerry Leap is] designed for users who prefer all-touch, and BlackBerry delivers with a comfortable mid-tier handheld . . . The 5” LCD panel is vibrant and offers ample viewing angles and, with brightness at full, can be used out on a patio without having to squint to enjoy the screen. The display is fairly power efficient as well, which aids the overall balance of what BlackBerry sought to achieve with the device . . . BlackBerry cameras have really come a long way [and] you can glean some amazing shots on the phone . . . As expected with a BlackBerry smartphone, call quality and reception is great . . . With 2GBs of RAM, the device is rather snappy [and] the software optimizations between the SOC and the 10.3.1 software keeps consistent the fluidity and multitasking offered by BlackBerry 10 . . . Affordable, slim and durable, directed at a specific, enterprising end user, the BlackBerry Leap has a great touch-keyboard, awesome battery life and security. It runs well [and] as a platform, the Leap works exactly as intended.”

      “BlackBerry 10 OS 10.3.1 Shines on the Leap”
      “[T]he Leap [fits] a specific crowd that is looking for a phone that feels high-end but comes in a mid-tier price, and that’s the market BlackBerry is putting its sights on with this device,” writes N4BB’s JT Teran.
      “Battery life is going to be a big selling point for the Leap . . . The device’s 2800mAh battery should give most users 25 hours of mixed use . . . The Leap’s screen is a big win . . . It’s bright, and vivid. Colors look really good on it, and at all viewing angles, the picture we get is pretty sharp . . . The Leap has, hands down, the best 720p display BlackBerry has ever used in their phones . . . The BlackBerry Leap comes pre-loaded with BlackBerry 10 OS 10.3.1 . . . Apps – native and Android – run incredibly well on the Leap. Gestures and touch presses are responsive, and snappy throughout the OS. Of course, the Leap also features all the goodness fans have become accustomed to with BlackBerry 10. The BlackBerry Hub, BlackBerry Assistant, and BBM perform as well, if not better, than they do on the Z10, and Z30. This is one of the advantages of having BlackBerry make the hardware, and the software its phones run . . . [The BlackBerry Leap] is an affordable device for consumers that want a productive OS on a device that will keep them going throughout the day without needing to charge. On the enterprise side, the Leap offers a low-cost option for those companies that want a solid experience for their employees.”
      “This Device is for Productivity, Entertainment and Communication”
      “Think of the Leap as a step forward for the consumer and a step up for the Enterprise customer,” writes BlackBerryOS’s Brian Behler. “As a consumer, I would definitely purchase this phone. You get a great deal of power and style for the price. It is slim and attractive. It is quick and provides 4G LTE speed. The battery life is outstanding for its class and you will enjoy the power and sustainability the Leap’s battery provides. Trust me on this. As for the Enterprise customer, this is a no-brainer purchase. You want the security, quality and reliability that BlackBerry is known for. You rely on their expertise and ability to deliver what they promise day after day. The Leap is the new face of Enterprise productivity because it is affordable. Add to all of that the feature of BlackBerry Balance, which allows you to split your BlackBerry smartphone into work and personal devices. It will be a hit for Enterprise and people who need productivity on a budget . . . The Leap grows on you [and] it will make you smile with [its] great features for the price.”

      Other Reactions to the Launch
      In addition to the formal reviews, there were a number of other articles about the April 15th launch.
      “[While the BlackBerry Leap] is priced much cheaper than [flagship smartphones] at only $275 off contract, it promises to deliver enterprise-grade security to consumers, such as support for encryption, built-in malware protection and backup, wipe and restore,” writes Mellisa Tolentino of Silicon Angle. “Another feature of the BlackBerry Leap worth noting is the BlackBerry Hub, a place where you can manage all your messages from text, email, social media and BBM so you can easily stay on top of everything. And [it] also has a voice and text personal assistant so you can easily perform tasks while doing other things, such as driving or attending a meeting . . . [F]or a $275 smartphone, the BlackBerry Leap is not too shabby.”
      “[A]lthough it comes as more affordable than the Classic and Passport, [the BlackBerry Leap] doesn’t compromise on security,” writes Invest Correctly’s Neha Gupta. “BlackBerry’s Leap is designed in such a manner that it supports productivity while still remaining an exciting phone that young executives would love to carry around.”
      “Blackberry Leap: Ideal Smartphone for Young Professionals,” reads Tech News Today’s headline, in an article by Allson Peters.
      “Blackberry Leap is targeted towards young aspiring power professionals [who] might choose Blackberry . . . because of the security the company provides in the interactions between its smartphone owners,” Peters writes. “In order to help these younger professionals in their productive use of the Blackberry Leap, the phone has a 2800 mAH battery which will provide uninterrupted utility of up to 25 hours. Users will have access to business and productivity apps through the Blackberry World app store or the Amazon app store . . . Blackberry has always been targeted towards professionals and with the Blackberry leap it has maintained that image.”

      More to Come
      In addition to the United Kingdom as of today, BlackBerry Leap will continue its rollout over the next few weeks across countries including Germany, France, United States, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and India. Availability in other markets will be announced locally at a later date.
      (Read the official press release HERE.)
      As more reviews come here, you can rest assured that we’ll be featuring the best ones here on INSIDE BlackBer

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    • (Updated May 14) Attention Canada and US: The BlackBerry Leap is now available in white from ShopBlackBerry. Get yours today!
      (Updated May 7) Starting today, the BlackBerry Leap will be available from Canadian carriers across the country, for as low as $0.00 on contract. Check your carrier details below for more information on availability and pricing.
      (Updated April 22) Since the BlackBerry Leap was announced, the device has received praise across the globe, and as the 5-inch, HD touchscreen device hit the UK market on April 15, the initial feedback proves that people ‘get it’.
      “The BlackBerry Leap…is aimed at ‘young career builders’…in need of what the BlackBerry pedigree implies: a secure, business-focused productivity platform,” writes CNet’s Nate Ralph and Andrew Hoyle in a hands-on look at the device.
      Available today in the France, Germany, UK and US, and coming soon to other countries around the world, this is your one-stop blog for up-to-date availability.
      Current Availability (as of May 14)
      United StatesAmazonShopBlackBerry.com – Available in White and Black models
      CanadaBell MobilityRogersShopBlackBerry – Available in White and Black modelsTBooth wirelessTELUSWINDWIRELESSWAVE
      India – coming soon
      United Arab Emirates – coming soon
      Saudi Arabia – coming soon
      Other regions – BlackBerry.com/Leap

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    • The BlackBerry Leap is continuing its rollout, offering young professionals an incredibly affordable package that will indeed help them “leap” into anything their burgeoning careers can throw at them.

      (Check HERE for updated availability by region, and go HERE for the initial review roundup.)
      Filled to the brim with cutting-edge productivity features in a form factor appealing to tomorrow’s leaders, the BlackBerry Leap is proving its mettle to reviewers as it lands in Canada.
      From BlackBerry Blend’s amazing breakthroughs in workflow continuity and the beautifully streamlined approach the BlackBerry Hub brings to everything from emails to messaging and social media, it’s an embarrassment of productivity riches reinforced by additional apps for professionals (Documents To Go and Evernote, for starters), the fully-featured BlackBerry Calendar app, the crystal-clear voice calls and a best-in-class virtual keyboard.
      Let’s jump in and see what the reviewers are saying.
      “Low price, but undeniably a BlackBerry”
      “BlackBerry’s latest offering, the Leap, gives users who enjoy an all-touch experience the upgrade that keyboard lovers received with the Classic,” writes the Financial Post’s Lynn Greiner. “It’s aimed at mobile professionals who want an economical way to get the power and security of a BlackBerry at a consumer-friendly price [and] despite the low price, the Leap is undeniably a BlackBerry.
      “Build quality is solid [and] I found it easy to operate one-handed; the textured back and non-slip sides cut down the risk of drops . . . The screen is very good: a clear and bright edge-to-edge 5 inch, 1280 x 720 HD display.
      “[T]he 2800 mAh battery is, to put it mildly, amazing. It’s rated at 25 hours of heavy use; I was able to go for over two days without worrying about finding a power plug. And that was without enabling any of the power saving features.
      “A lot of the goodness in the Leap comes from the operating system. It runs the latest and greatest, BlackBerry 10.3.1, giving the device all of the benefits of BlackBerry security and business features, as well as BlackBerry Blend, software that allows you to access BlackBerry features on a desktop or tablet.
      “As well as being a great first BlackBerry for a mobile professional, the Leap is an ideal upgrade for the BlackBerry Z10.”
      “Users, Startups and Entrepreneurs will Like what the Leap has to Offer”
      “[T]his is a serious handset that’s built for working and not for showing off,” writes Canadian Reviewer’s Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla, who notes it has “a great tactile feel” with color which is “subtle, elegant and contemporary.”
      “The biggest feature of the BlackBerry Leap is its long-life battery,” he writes, “rated to last for well over a day of heavy use . . . BlackBerry understands that a phone designed for busy entrepreneurs and startups, needs to survive hectic workdays and nighttime events.
      “[The] personal assistant and integration with BlackBerry Blend [create] a synergistic connection between your Leap and your notebook or tablet. Using Blend in tandem with the BlackBerry Leap, I could easily read and reply to emails, BBMs and texts while using my MacBook. BlackBerry Blend is a significant feature for entrepreneurs [and the] BlackBerry Hub is a great time saver [and] unparalleled in containing and organizing messages as they come in. Personally, it is the one feature I miss when using my iPhone or an Android device. Like Carly Simon sings, ‘Nobody does it better,’ at least when it comes to handling messaging from various sources.
      “The intended segment of users, startups and entrepreneurs, as well as BlackBerry devotees looking to move from their Z10 whose contracts have expired, will like what the BlackBerry Leap has to offer and most especially its long battery life and improved overall performance.”

      “Despite the Low Cost, the Leap has a lot Packed into It”
      ITBusiness Canada’s Jim Love believes the BlackBerry Leap’s price is an attention-getter, writing, “The price is extremely attractive – especially for younger buyers and small businesses. It will launch with a price tag of zero dollars ($0) on a plan with most carriers. If you want an unlocked version the price is a low $350. Despite the cost, the Leap has a lot packed into its small form factor.
      “Speed is one of the things you first notice. Battery life is exceptional. My first charge lasted a day and a half. I spent a lot of that day streaming media to the phone. While it uses a “virtual keyboard,” BlackBerry has focused quite successfully on speeding up data entry and increasing the accuracy of input. And of course, it offers all of this with BlackBerry’s deserved reputation for great security.
      “[T}he integration of all messaging into the BlackBerry Hub is the best native toolset for managing the modern tsunami of messages . . . In the management of documents – primarily Microsoft Office, BlackBerry’s approach is also aimed at the business warrior. Docs To Go allows BlackBerry users a sophisticated and powerful way to be productive in a mobile environment. While it has some rivals, there is simply nothing better that I’ve encountered.
      “For those who want to work ‘offline’ a simple micro SD card can extend the memory of the device by as much as 128 GB for a surprisingly low cost. The BlackBerry Blend software can transfer documents directly. You can work securely and locally in a coffee shop, an airport or even mid-flight. With the extended battery life on all the new BlackBerry devices, you can do this for even a long flight or when the charging stations are all taken.
      “[The BlackBerry Leap preserves] the very best business features of the BlackBerry line while still reaching a younger, albeit business-focused audience . . . But the bottom line on the Leap may indeed be the bottom line. At zero dollars on a plan and $350 for an unlocked version it’s an option that you must consider in a startup or small company. Even in a larger firm like ours, where mobility costs are consuming more and more of our technology spend, the Leap is an attractive option. As an employer, I’d be confident enough that these devices would provide everything necessary to make our employees mobile and effective.”

      “BlackBerry Fulfills and Expands on its Legacy”
      “[The BlackBerry Leap] feels good in the hand [with a] solid production design with rounded edges and a dimpled back,” writes The Star’s Raju Mudhar.
      “Messaging is still a strong suit, with the Flow screen working as a central spot for all communications,” he writes. “Surfing works well on the browser, and the phone’s Hub also handles multiple apps better than its competitors, with a central screen showing what’s running. The company’s virtual keyboard — with excellent predictive text — still works well.
      “The latest OS now comes pre-loaded with the Amazon App Store, and that helps BlackBerry users get their hands on many popular apps. I easily loaded Spotify, as well as games such as Crossy Road and Candy Crush Saga.
      “[BlackBerry Blend] can be downloaded onto PCs and tablets (including Android and iOS), and once you wirelessly connect, you can easily move files, deal with emails and even link to your desktop. It is an impressive tool and one area where BlackBerry fulfills and expands on its legacy of building devices that are designed to be productivity workhorses. As a phone aimed at young professionals, Blend makes sense, as it’s key to making this device the center of your computing world.”

      “Quite Sufficent to get You Through a Hectic Day”
      “In the hands, the BlackBerry Leap feels nice, [and] we love its soft, textured finish” writes Maxime Johnson of JournalMetro (via Google Translate from the original Quebec French).
      “[BlackBerry OS 10.3.1) now has a PDA and BlackBerry Blend function, which can effectively unify its working environment between the phone and a tablet or laptop.
      “By default, you now also have access to the Amazon App Store application store, in addition to the BlackBerry World, which provides access to considerably more third party applications than before.
      “BlackBerry 10 obviously still offers its usual strength, like the BlackBerry Hub to manage its communications, a good keyboard (even virtual) and compatibility with virtually every conceivable security policy of companies.
      “The BB OS 10.3.1 is fluid, and you can go through hundreds of emails without problems. BB10 is an effective and efficient operating system, and it shows. An Android phone with the same features as the BlackBerry Leap would never be as powerful.
      “The BlackBerry Leap’s large 2,800 mAh battery is quite sufficient to get you from the wee hours of the morning through a hectic day.”

      “Killer Features”
      International Business Times’ Pavithra Rathinavel says the BlackBerry Leap has some “killer features”:
      “BlackBerry Leap comes with the build of BlackBerry 10.3.1 pre-installed on the handset. Therefore, this device brings in a killer feature called the BlackBerry Assistant, which is the voice activated digital personal assistant in the lines of Siri, Cortana and Google Now,” he writes. “Meanwhile, the BlackBerry 10.3.1 OS also comes with the Amazon App store, in addition to the BlackBerry World for BlackBerry-specific apps.
      “Similar to other BlackBerry devices, this unlocked Leap handset can…encrypt calls and provide malware protection. Plus, the virtual QWERTY keyboard reportedly ‘corrects mistakes in a flash.’ Adding a cherry on top, the BlackBerry Leap…comes with the BlackBerry Blend, which lets the user to view the handset’s contents on a PC/laptop.”

      “Will Give Users Access to BlackBerry’s Business-Geared Features”
      “BlackBerry is hoping its new low-cost touch screen smartphone will win over Canadian consumers who aren’t willing to pay the hefty price of an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy device, [and the] price may be attractive to those looking for an affordable smartphone option,” writes Nicole Bogart of Canada’s Global News.
      “The new smartphone will give users access to many of BlackBerry’s business geared features, including BlackBerry Blend – a new feature that makes email, BlackBerry Messenger, text messages and other data from their BlackBerry smartphones accessible on other platforms like Apple’s Mac OS and Windows,” she writes. “[Plus,] BlackBerry users now also have access to the Amazon Appstore, giving users access to thousands of Android apps.”
      She was also featured in the accompanying video below:

      More to Come
      Starting today, the BlackBerry Leap will be available from Canadian carriers across the country, for as low as $0.00 on contract. Click on the above link to check your carrier – including Rogers Wireless, Bell Mobility, Sasktel, TELUS, WIND Mobile, TBooth wireless and WIRELESSWAVE – for more information on availability and pricing.
      As it finds its way into discerning hands, more reviews will be popping up, which we will be featuring here on INSIDE BlackBerry, so stay tuned for the latest news.

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    • Productivity is at the heart of BlackBerry’s DNA. From the BlackBerry Hub to a battery that lasts as long as you do, the BlackBerry Passport, BlackBerry Classic and BlackBerry Leap are key to a productive and efficient day.
      And BlackBerry productivity doesn’t end with the device.
      Cases, charging mechanisms, and screen protectors need to earn their keep all without getting in the way of your day-to-day.
      ShopBlackBerry Value Bundles are here!
      Starting today in North America, you can save time and money by buying your unlocked BlackBerry Passport, BlackBerry Classic and/or BlackBerry Leap with BlackBerry-designed accessories from ShopBlackBerry.
      These three Value Bundle options pair your productivity powerhouse with the official accessories you really need, quickly and easily.
      (Don’t worry if you live outside of North America. The Value Bundles will be coming to other ShopBlackBerry regions soon. Please stay tuned.)
      The Efficiency Bundle – The ideal bundle for any smartphone buyer.
      Do you pride yourself on being productive and getting ahead of the crowd? If so, you should check out the Efficiency Bundle. It includes a set of our best-selling authentic accessories, giving you what you need to get started with your BlackBerry smartphone.

      BlackBerry Passport
      BlackBerry Classic
      BlackBerry Leap

      – BlackBerry Passport Smartphone
      – BlackBerry Classic Smartphone
      – BlackBerry Leap Smartphone

      – Flex Shell, Black
      – Leather Pocket
      – Leather Pocket

      – Sync Pod
      – Sync Pod
      – Flex Shell, Black

      – Screen Protector
      – Screen Protector
      – Sync Pod

      The Power Bundle: Designed for power users looking for a boost wherever they are.
      Business, like life, can be unpredictable and we know you want to be ready for the journey. So, we created the Power Bundle. With these additional authentic BlackBerry chargers, you’ll have the ability to power up where it’s most convenient, whether at home, the office, the car, or wherever business, or life, might take you.

      BlackBerry Passport
      BlackBerry Classic
      BlackBerry Leap

      – BlackBerry Passport Smartphone
      – BlackBerry Classic Smartphone
      – BlackBerry Leap Smartphone

      – Sync Pod
      – Sync Pod
      – Sync Pod

      – Charging Bundle
      – Charging Bundle
      – Charging Bundle

      The Travel Bundle: Designed for people always on the go and who want power and protection
      Don’t worry about finding the right charger for your next trip. With the Travel Bundle you get comfort in knowing you’ll have the right adapter and a stylish, well-fitting and protective case for wherever you’re off to whether for work or vacation.

      BlackBerry Passport
      BlackBerry Classic
      BlackBerry Leap

      – BlackBerry Passport Smartphone
      – BlackBerry Classic Smartphone
      – BlackBerry Leap Smartphone

      – Leather Flip Case
      – BlackBerry Holster
      – Leather Pocket

      – Hard Shell, Black
      – Soft Shell, Blue
      – Flex Shell, Blue

      – Charging Bundle
      – Charging Bundle
      – Charging Bundle

      So what are you waiting for? Head over to ShopBlackBerry and pick up your new device and accessorize it with one of these great Value Bundles.

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    • With the impending release of the all-touch BlackBerry Leap (available for pre-order from ShopBlackBerry.com, and check out THIS ARTICLE for pre-sale availability by country), we thought it’d be a good idea to get some tips and tricks together for buyers – including those moving from a keyboard-based BlackBerry device, as well as new and returning users unfamiliar with the power of BlackBerry 10.3.1 on a 5-inch touchscreen.

      What follows are some ways to jump into the finer points of the BlackBerry Leap running 10.3.1 from the people who know them best. We “insourced” some personal favorite tips from BlackBerry employees already well-versed with our other all-touch BlackBerry 10 devices: the Z3, Z10 and Z30 (I learned a few myself – Ed.).
      So without further ado, let’s see what pointers they have for newcomers.

      Numbered Lists…
      “For all-touch devices, here are five ‘must know’ tips:
      1) Swipe to delete – Swipe from right to left using one finger to delete a single word, two fingers to delete two words, three to delete three words, etc.,
      2) Swipe to change virtual keyboard layout – Swipe down from the top of the virtual keyboard using one finger to quickly switch input methods (text, numeric, symbols),
      3) Fine cursor control – Tap the top, bottom, left or right of the cursor to move it to a specific location,
      4) Keypress Pop-up – Looking to improve your typing accuracy, consider turning on Keypress Pop-up so you can see which keys you are entering (Settings > Language and Input > Feedback > Keypress Pop-up, and
      5) Inserting accented characters – Tap and hold a key to see available accented characters. When the list of characters appear, move your finger left or right to select the character you need.
      -Ty Williams, Community Content Manager and Blogger, BlackBerry Help

      “One trick that I keep using and love is how you can easily and quickly see the current battery level and time without leaving your active application! The entire process takes 1 second.
      Say you are in the Browser and you want to check the battery or current time:
      1) Swipe up from the bottom of the screen, HOLD your finger on the screen
      2) See the battery % and time
      3) Swipe down and now LIFT your finger from the screen. You are back to whatever you were doing.”
      -Chen Zhao, Software Test Specialist

      “My favorite distinguishing features on BlackBerry 10:
      1) Universal search — Search everything on the device! Apps, emails, contacts, text, etc.!
      2) Hinglish Keyboard: Works perfectly – and is a BB-only feature!
      3) Multitasking: Open messages, browsers (up to 10 tabs), media and apps and quickly switch between them.”
      -Harish Rathi, BlackBerry App Developer

      …Meaty Tips
      “If you prefer to keep your device in your pocket (without a case), consider disabling swipe to wake to avoid pocket dialing (System Settings>>Display>>Swipe to Wake).
      If this is your first BlackBerry ever, then welcome to the Team! Start using BBM, browse BlackBerry World for lots of wonderful apps, use Flipp to make shopping and coupon clipping easier than ever, grab the super handy Gadget Box and enjoy the intuitive and powerful built-in Calculator (with Tips and Converter), Maps for GPS, Weather and Twitter.
      Once you start flicking up word suggestions as you type on the virtual keyboard, you will soon enjoy the best keyboard experience ever!”
      -Mike Magon, Principal End User Services Specialist

      “This may seem really basic, but I love having multiple Notification Profiles available. A swipe and a tap has me in the silent profile for when I’m in a meeting or want to spend some uninterrupted time with my family. Spending a bit of time tweaking custom notifications is handy to easily identify who messages are coming from and what type of message is being received. Best of all, using custom MP3 files for notifications helps to make the device suit my lifestyle.”
      – Joe Szilvagyi, Senior Technical Support Analyst

      “An alternative ‘no-pocket-dialing’ protection: Set the device lock time really short (like 1 minute) and use picture password or simple password.
      My additional tip: if you’re using a corporate device, you can have different work and device passwords – so even if your BES policy requires certain password strength for work password, you can use simple (numeric-only), picture, or no password at all for your personal partition!”
      -David Hole, Director, Standards

      …and Helpful Bits

      “Picture Password is available on both all-touch and keyboard devices, but I find the use-case is best suited for all-touch devices. As for apps, Clash of Clans should be buttery smooth on the Leap. Apps, videos and browsing the internet are better with more screen real-estate.”
      -Jonathan Cooper, Service Realization Manager

      “Dictating has never been easier nor so accurate… It can be used in any application as it is embedded in the keyboard. Simply press and hold the period, wait for the audible prompt and start talking.”
      -Alain Marcil, Technical Solutions Manager

      “A must-know about all-touch devices: Users who regularly type in a language with more than 26 letters in their alphabet will see all of those letters on the virtual keyboard.”
      -Morten Schmidt, Sr. Thermal Analysis Specialist

      “Taking a panorama picture with the BlackBerry camera app is as simple and intuitive as it gets.While shooting a video, you can take still pictures, never miss a moment.”
      – Simon Huang, Senior Applications Software Developer

      “When in the Hub (or under an account within), use the ‘pinching out’ gesture from the middle of the screen with your thumb and finger to see all your messages/notifications and use the ‘pinching inward’ gesture to show any and all unread messages or notifications.”
      – Lee Smith, Logistics Analyst

      “The BlackBerry Leap makes a great navigation tool running the Waze Android app.”
      -Randy Dobkin, Embedded Systems Software Developer

      “To hide the keyboard when it might be blocking part of the screen, simply long press on the space bar and it will disappear.”
      -Greg Sacrey, Senior Applications Support Specialist

      “A general OS pointer for first-time all-touch users: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to exit an app!”
      -Bryan Horn, Support Account Manager

      Stay Tuned to INSIDE BlackBerry and the HELP Blog for More Tips, Tricks and Tutorials
      We will be featuring more useful information on the BlackBerry Leap and updates to OS 10.3.1 (and beyond) here on Inside BlackBerry and the HELP Blog.
      Stay tuned, and see what we turn up next – there’s a lot of goodness baked into the BlackBerry 10-family devices – including the BlackBerry Leap.

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    • Carriers and contracts and charges, OH MY!

      Customer: “I’m looking for a new phone.”Wireless Carrier Salesperson: “Check out these new devices – you can get an upfront discount if you sign a 3-year contract with us.”Customer: “Sounds like the best option. Sign me up.”*Time passes*Customer: “My needs have changed so I’d like to get a new phone/I’d like to switch carriers.”Salesperson: “Well, as you’re under contract and still owe for a portion of your subsidized device, you’ll be charged for every month you have left to finish paying it off.”
      Sound familiar?
      In countries such as the U.S. and Canada, many mobile carriers offer brand new devices at a low upfront price – often less than $100 or even free – in exchange for customers signing multi-year contracts.
      Sounds great, right? Well, as all of us Canadians know, there’s a catch.
      Should you wish to purchase a new device, or switch carriers, you still have to pay off the remaining unpaid portion of the device, which often can equal hundreds of dollars (and more than the discounted price you paid at signing). Until recently, Canadian wireless contracts were mostly 3 years long, making it impossible for users to upgrade to newer models or shop around for better deals before the contract’s expiry date without paying a hefty fee. Customers also often found it difficult to understand how their contract worked, how their data usage was billed, and what it meant if they upgraded or change options.
      The Wireless Code
      Put into effect December 2nd, 2013 by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), all Canadian wireless customers now fall under the Wireless Code of Conduct (The Code).
      The Code is a regulation that works to protect wireless customers by “making it easier for individual and small business consumers to get information about their contracts with wireless service providers and about their associated rights and responsibilities, establish standards for industry behaviour, and contribute to a more dynamic marketplace”.
      So, what does all this mean – in layman’s terms?
      Any Canadian who entered into a three-year wireless contract before June 2nd, 2013 can cancel their contract, without a cancellation fee, after two years. Which happened to be this past Tuesday.
      Scotia Capital Inc. analyst Jeff Fan estimated that between 2.2 million and 4 million Canadians were still on three-year terms at the end of 2014. Simply put, in addition to the usual customers reaching their contract’s expiry date, there are instantly millions of others now able to upgrade or change devices and switch carriers (hence, the ‘double cohort’ term used by the Canadian media to describe these groups of users).
      (You can read the full Wireless Code here (also available in a simplified version), and also check out the CRTC check list that will help you understand the most important things that The Code does for you. Global News also has a great Q&A and video explaining all you need to know about the new regulations.)
      What does this mean for Canadians?
      Canadians now have more control over their wireless future, and the carriers know it. That’s why they’ve been busy courting their customers over recent months with new two-year contracts.
      The Code also lets Canadian customers unlock their on-contract devices from their carriers after 90 days. That in theory allows them to shop around for better plans and offers, though they would still have to pay a ‘penalty’ if they try to change carriers any time before the 2-year mark.
      The Value of an Unlocked Device
      For the greatest freedom and savings, though, customers should consider buying their phone unlocked. An unlocked device allows you to use it on any wireless network around the world. This is a great option for frequent travelers (The Code also caps data roaming charges!), people who like to move from carrier to carrier, or anyone who just doesn’t like being tied down.
      Since they lack carrier subsidies, unlocked devices admittedly are more expensive upfront. But I ask you this: Have you ever sat down and figured out the math on which option saves you more in the long run?
      Don’t worry; we have crunched the numbers for you with some sample carriers, doing as much of an apples-to-apples comparison as possible (12:30 ET: figures corrected below):
      Example One

      32GB BlackBerry Passport via ShopBlackBerry: $699;
      Prepaid carrier: $35/month for 100 Canada-wide minutes, unlimited text + 500 MB/month data = $840 for 2 years
      32GB Samsung Galaxy S6 on large contract carrier: $249.99 down, plus $80/month for unlimited Canada talk and text and 500MB data
      Two-year costs: BlackBerry Passport – $1,539; Samsung Galaxy S6: $2,169.99
      Two-year savings with BlackBerry Passport over Galaxy: $630.99 (29%)

      Example Two

      16GB BlackBerry Classic via ShopBlackBerry: $499
      Prepaid carrier: $35/month for 100 Canada-wide minutes, unlimited text + 500 MB/month data = $840 for 2 years
      16GB iPhone 6 on large contract carrier: $348.99 down plus $80/month for 2GB data
      Two-year costs: BlackBerry Classic – $1,339; iPhone 6 – $2,268.99
      Two-year savings with BlackBerry Classic over iPhone 6: $929.99 (41%)

      Example Three

      16GB BlackBerry Leap via ShopBlackBerry: $349
      Prepaid carrier: $35/month for 100 Canada-wide minutes, unlimited text + 500 MB/month data = $840 for 2 years
      8GB iPhone 5C on large contract carrier: $0 down plus $90/month = $2,160
      Two-year cost of BlackBerry Leap: $1,189;
      Two-year savings of BlackBerry Leap over iPhone 5C: $971 (45%)

      (Also read this account of a Toronto resident already saving money with his unlocked BlackBerry.)
      In short, the first example saves you $630.99, or 29%, buying unlocked. That sort of savings could get you a SECOND UNLOCKED DEVICE. Our second example has an even greater savings of 41% or $929.99. And going with our new entry-level BlackBerry Leap device over an iPhone 5C will save you the most, at $971 over two years.
      Going unlocked or locked is a decision every Canadian will need to make after reviewing their wireless needs, what their current carrier is offering, which device they’re looking for and what sort of deals are available from all their options.
      At the end of the day, one thing is for sure; the new Wireless Code opens up options, including money-saving ones, to the Canadian wireless customer. In particular, an unlocked device purchased directly from a carrier or stores like ShopBlackBerry and Amazon can save you lots of money over two years, without locking you into a 2-year contract.

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    • Over the past few months, we have profiled a number of BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Classic users, and based on their stories, it’s no surprise that BlackBerry is at the heart of their successes.
      UK-based doctor and 2013 The Apprentice UK winner, Leah Totton, has a similar story as she also relies on her BlackBerry-of-choice – the BlackBerry Leap.
      Read why she can’t live without her BlackBerry Leap in her Guest Post below:
      I do not believe that my business would run as smoothly as it does if I did not have a reliable and efficient smartphone. Today, there are so many different devices on offer, all promising things they do not always deliver on. Realistically, I am not bothered about the brand I carry in my hand, I just want a phone that will make my life as easy as possible and that offers the best features for my professional needs.
      Since using the new BlackBerry Leap over the past few weeks, I have found it the perfect tool for running my business, Dr Leah Clinics. I can instantly switch between sending important updates and emails to staff and patients, to organising appointments and my calendar for the week ahead. The standout feature that enables me to be proactive and efficient is the BlackBerry Hub – all of my messages, whether a social media update or a meeting planner, are located in one place. It is such a simple, yet hugely beneficial feature, as it means I don’t risk missing any messages or letting anything slip, which as both a doctor and a business owner, I cannot afford to do! With the Hub, I know that I can find any message really quickly, instead of having to constantly switch between apps and having hundreds of different conversations on the go.
      While the Hub is definitely one of the most useful features I have come across on a phone, there are so many other benefits to the Leap that make it a fantastic device and an essential tool for anyone running a business.
      The one downside to a lot of smartphones these days is that typing on a touch screen just isn’t as easy, or accurate, as with a keyboard. Obviously BlackBerry is famous for its keyboard and, I have to say, I was a little surprised when I first received the Leap to see that it was in fact touch screen. However, I have to say that, since using the Leap, I’ve found it to have a really impressive keyboard that is intuitive and intelligent, allowing me to type emails seamlessly.
      For me, an average day tends to consist of racing from a client appointment at the clinic in the City of London to a conference, board meeting or a shift at hospital, and I need to be confident that my phone battery will last me through the day – there is nothing worse than getting to the end of a long day and not being able to check my emails on my way home! The BlackBerry Leap battery life is really impressive – 25 hours of on-the-go use, meaning I don’t have to compromise my mobile activity for fear of draining my battery, which is a huge bonus for me.
      As a doctor running a busy clinic, I need to know that all my emails, notes and information are completely secure and confidential. BlackBerry has always been renowned for its security credentials, and this is paramount for me and my business. Using the BlackBerry Leap, I know that any information on my phone is guaranteed to be safe and secure, unlike with other smartphones that have experienced security breaches in the past – and this is something that, for both my clinic and my profession, just cannot be compromised.
      ****Looking to check out the BlackBerry Leap for yourself? Visit BlackBerry.com/Leap…or better yet, take our word for it, and buy one today.
      Get an unlocked BlackBerry Leap from ShopBlackBerry, or visit BlackBerry.com/BuyLeap for local availability.

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    • The BlackBerry Leap love just keeps coming in. Last week, we heard from this UK cosmetic doctor who runs her practice with her BlackBerry Leap. And who can forget the praise of these customers and reviewers?
      Today, I’d like to introduce you to Ricky Martin, 29-year-old CEO of London-based technology recruiting firm, Hyper Recruitment Solutions. UK readers may recognize this biochemist and former professional wrestler from the 2012 UK Apprentice finale – *spoiler* he wins the £250,000 first prize. Martin says he can’t manage his growing business without his personal assistant – his BlackBerry Leap.
      Guest post by Ricky Martin:
      Running my own business, there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done, so I need all the tools I can get to help enhance my productivity and to help get things done quickly and efficiently.
      Using the BlackBerry Leap has been a bit like having my very own personal assistant in my pocket – it enables me to work on the go. Working in recruitment, I am regularly away from my desk for meetings, and having an efficient smartphone that means I can keep up to date most definitely takes the strain off.
      Since starting the business in 2012, we have rapidly grown to a multi-disciplinary recruitment consultancy with a number of employees. Therefore, it is more essential than ever that I be in constant communication with my team to make sure that Hyper Recruitment Solutions is continually performing and growing.
      My day always begins in the same way – I wake up and look at my smart phone. For me, that flashing red light is something I can never resist, so I read any emails I’ve received overnight, as well as checking my Twitter for latest news and updates. I find the BlackBerry Hub a great feature for keeping on top of emails, social media and messages all in one place as it enables me to read, file and reply more efficiently.
      One of the biggest issues I have found with smartphones in recent years is that, the more functionality the device has, the more the battery life suffers – it seems like few phones are built to manage the sheer quantity of apps and functions now available. The BlackBerry Leap however seems to be the exception to this rule. I have been really impressed with its battery life – after a day of emails, meetings, constant phone calls and internet browsing, it is still going strong, which is an a huge advantage for me, as it means I am not having to rush to the nearest power socket to recharge. Therefore meaning I never let my customers down and in turn not let down Hyper Recruitment Solutions’ reputation in quality and professionalism.
      The Leap, despite not having one of BlackBerry’s infamous QWERTY keyboards, does have a really good typing experience. I have been really impressed by the intuitive keyboard, which makes writing emails a seamless task and the next-word suggestions are really accurate, with the device learning my frequently used phrases and words, making me more productive on email than ever.
      The Leap is also a really slick device when it comes to the photo and video quality. It has a great HD screen that makes it perfect for watching videos online, taking photos and makes reading documents on the go much clearer and easier too.
      Hyper Recruitment Solutions is a specialist talent provider of professionals across the science and technology industries. Supporting such innovative sectors means I do need the technology to keep up to date with these companies, and using this phone gives me just that.
      All in all, the Leap has proven to be a really handy tool for me to keep my business moving whilst I am on the go. It has enabled me to be efficient outside of the office and I am keen to keep exploring the many features it offers – when I find the time!
      ****To find out more about the BlackBerry Leap, please visit BlackBerry.com/Leap. If you’re already sold, leap over to BlackBerry.com to find where to buy your BlackBerry Leap locally.

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    • As members of #TeamBlackBerry already know, ShopBlackBerry is the one-stop-shop for the latest unlocked BlackBerry devices and official BlackBerry accessories.
      Over the past few months, we’ve made a lot of upgrades to improve the ShopBlackBerry experience, and we’re focused on growing and building our global ecommerce offering to better serve you and all of our customers looking to buy BlackBerry smartphones around the world.
      We’ve seen and heard a lot of interest from our customers in several European countries who want a wide selection of unlocked BlackBerry smartphones. So we’re happy to announce we’ve expanded our ShopBlackBerry offering to support these regions.
      ShopBlackBerry now shipping to Italy, Spain and Netherlands

      People in Italy, Spain and the Netherlands now have the option to purchase the newest BlackBerry 10 devices and official accessories from the ShopBlackBerry European store.
      Customers can order their unlocked BlackBerry Passport, BlackBerry Classic and BlackBerry Leap devices in a selection of different colors, along with complementary accessories, to meet their individual needs.
      Currently available in English, we are investigating opportunities to offer localized store options for our new friends in Europe, and we continue to investigate further expansion opportunities to grow our ShopBlackBerry offering.
      ShopBlackBerry EU Opening Sale

      What are you waiting for? Get your unlocked BlackBerry.
      To celebrate the opening of the new European store, starting today through July 6th, customers in Italy, Spain and the Netherlands can purchase a BlackBerry Classic for €380, a savings of €49, or a BlackBerry Leap for €259, a savings of €30.
      As always, ShopBlackBerry has one of the lowest BlackBerry Passport prices around. These prices can’t be beat, so visit your local store to take advantage:


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