Already sign up but webpage always to sign in again

Hello Everyone,


Could someone please help me.


I have just received two blackberries (Blackberry 9550 and 9350) from a friend in The State. I wish to download whatsapp on the phones.


In order to do this, I registered an account on blacykberry website. After registeration, the site asks me to use my phone to sign in to my BlackBerry ID for the first time. I did that:


“Welcome to the BlackBerry World catalog on the web.

To sign into the web catalog, you must first sign into the BlackBerry World application on your BlackBerry smartphone, using your newly created BlackBerry ID.
When purchasing or downloading items for your BlackBerry device, you will be required to complete the request directly on your device”.


After signing in my BlackBerry Id on my phne, I will get a new page asking me to verify my datails. And when I click on “Done”. the page will take me back to “sign in”.


Please help.

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