Angels both chose not to participate because they believ

Angels Confident Trout Hasnt Soured On Long Term Deal – RealGM WiretapMike Trout took the high road when asked about his contract for the 2013 season on Sunday morning.

“My time will come Cheap Jerseys Wholesale ,” he said of having his contract renewed at just $510,000. “I’m concentrating on one thing, and that’s getting to the postseason.”

The Angels say they determined Trout’s salary mainly based on his service time in the Majors, 1.070 years.

Most importantly, they don’t believe any of this will ruffle enough feathers to sour Trout’s desire to sign an extension.

“I don’t think so,” Jerry Dipoto said. “Mike’s a great kid, he’s wired the right way and we have every faith in his desire to be a great player. He’s going to go out there and he’s going to bust his tail.”

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