app error 523


i have a blackberry Pearl 9105

it has a white screen with a message in black : error app 523


i have gone through KB24395,

have installed Desktop Software

but the software says “There’s no new update available” and this is after 1/2 hour process that i have to do.


Its been a month, that i first came across this issue.

since i have tried anything and everything that is available on internet.


One thing i don’t understand is why there’s no software update for the device


I have also gone through KB10144,KB02141,KB21918,KB14058 and many more.


I really like this handset and i’m not able to use it.

Please let me know if there’s anything i missed or you could help me with  !!


Let me know if the device can be factory reset or a new OS could be installed

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