Battery drain after upgrade

After upgrading to the battery drains to 0 in 6.5 hours.   Starting with 100% charge and NOT using the phone at all, just watching and checking, Standby appeared to be the major problem with shifts at 1.5H to 8.7%, 3.5H to 33%,  5H to 55% etc.
The next two uses were System:  1.5H 0.78% to 5H 5% and Browser 1.5H 1.7% to 5H 3.5%.   Rebooting has not helped.  Checking for updates did nothing.  I have made NO changes in e-mail, apps (ones that came with BB, and added Globe and Mail only).  I had NO problems before and was very happy with battery life and telephone.  Now it is hot, the battery drains rapidly without even using it.

What has Blackberry done?  I looked through a number of posts and have not been able to find the fix.

As much as I have always used BB, I am now unhappy and don’t understand what happened or what, if anything, can be done.

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