BBM crashs with private chats

This problem started when the lastest feature of bbm “private chats” was introduced. And it got much worse after the lastest bbm update, where it was said that it was meant to fix bugs.


First off, if someone starts a private chat with me (and that’s usually by mistake) bbm hangs on the request screen. For example “Aye resquested a private chat. accept. decline” and this could stay on the screen for over an hour. If I try to end the bbm app and restart it, it signs me out of bbm saying there is a “temporary server error”. If i wait, and i simply do nothing, the same thing happens. Basically, if i get a private chat request, bbm will hang, and sign me out (after an hour of waiting). And this isn’t even the major issue. It takes me about 6 hours to sign back in. If i try to delete and reinstall bbm, that takes another 2-3 hours. I have a great connection, both service and wifi, so that’s not the issue.


It’s very frustrating have to deal with this problem almost everday now. Is there any way you can make the private chat feature something we choose to switch on or off like the ‘timed messages’ feature? So all of these problems can be avoided?


Another problem I am facing is “Multi-person chats”. If i get invited or added to a group chat, whether it’s 2 or 200 people in the chat, i can’t leave it. I’ve blocked, ended the chats, many many times. The only thing that happens is that bbm hangs, and doesn’t work until i end the bbm app and restart it again.


I’ve been using bbm since 2009. I’ve always used it on a blackberry, only recently did i switch to bbm on the iphone. Also a bunch of my friends are facinng the same problems.


Hope to get a response to this issue with a solution soon. I’m getting really tired of dealing with all these problems on a daily basis.

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