Blackberry Classic speaker stopped working suddenly

Hi, I am using BB Classic bought two months ago. everything works great till i got the issue with speakers. here is what was happened.


1. I was using headset and listening music during my last flight. removed the headset jack while listening music as i have to get down the flight.

2. came home, dropped the phone from my desk. it’s wooden floor. but no damage or scratch on the phone.

3. went to work, used blutooth to transfer music between computer and BB classic

4. try to play and can’t hear any sound, however if i play audio in handset mode i can hear music from front upper speaker that’s usually used for hearing the incoming phone calls – located next to front camera on the upper front face section.


After fiddling for two days finally decided to wipe off the device but no luck.


No alarm rings, no incoming phone call sound, no sound when playing videos. however my headset jack works fine.


I am reading lot of articles not sure what is the issue.


Any help would be great.


Thank you.


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