Blackberry passport: cannot make or receive phone calls?

To whom it may concern,


I am a devout Blackberry client I own a Blackberry Passport, Blackberry Z30 and Blackberry Playbook


I cannot make or receive phone calls or text messages on my BlackBerry Passport since May 30th 2016.


I receive following message (phone is not damaged in any way) “Call Failure the network is currently unavailable please try again”

I went to my cell phone service carrier (Bell) store

1.they changed the SIM card this did not work,

2.They tried to manually select the network selection mode this did not work.

3.They did a reboot of swipe or the entire systems this did not work.

4.I opened a service ticket with Bell **removed**they confirmed

a) mobile number**removed** is active

b) problem is hardware related please contact Blackberry



Note that all other functions work except phone calls and text messages Mobile


Phone Number:**removed**

Service Provider: Bell mobility ticket**removed**

IMEI or MEID:**removed**

SIM ID:**removed**

Error message: “Call Failure the network is currently unavailable please try again

End date for guarantee on BlackBerry Passport April 2016!



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