Blackberry Passport: drains rapidly but only on wifi

Just in this past week, my red passport SQW100-1 software has started to discharge rapidly when connected to my home wifi and others. If I turn wifi off and just use 4G, I get the usual long battery life I am used to.In app manager, “standby” seems to be the biggest drain. I have tried closing all unused apps but the phone still heats up and charges slowly when on wifi.

I deleted my wifi “connectoids” from the phone and reconnected to my home wifi but it has made no difference.

The phone is encrypted with a media card, and has two email accounts, one of which is secure and the other not, but I have not changed anything to do with these accounts; and anyway, the phone is fine as long as it’s not on wifi. It’s an odd problem that I can’t work out. I don’t have the 10.3.3 software update available to me.

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