Blackberry Passport not charging

I have a SQW100-1 bought at on November 30th 2014. It’s been now a week that I left my Passport drain out all battery and plug to its original charger these are the things I have:

1. A very short red led blinks once

2. The Blackberry written logo appears for about 3-4 seconds

3. It shows the red battery icon meaning it’s empty and must be pluged to the charger

4. Reboots over and over again starts the item 1 to 4.


I tried also to change charger, USB cable and even tried plug directly to the computer but nothing changes.

So, I decided to gently move and force the USB plugging and unpluging many times and very rare times the red battery icon appears with the bolt in the middle meaning it’s charging, but it last for very short period of time and I see a plug icon cut in the middle meaning it’s disconnected again from the outlet.


I’m pretty sure this is a Hardware issue due my tries to plug/unplug some times changes the results.


I’m Blackberry since the first BlackBerry G740 and I have all new devices ever since. I’m using now my Z30 to keep up my work and communications.


I tried to fillup the form at for those who have bought from Amazon but I get a popup that according to their records my Passport wasn’t bought at


Thanks a lot for your reply.

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