Blackberry Passport: Only phone now works. Struggling to save data before factory reset.

Apps, email, text, in fact everything except the phone on my 2 year old passport ceased working 3 days ago. Have tried lots of restarts in lots of different ways, and BBLINK, but to no avail. Occasionally there is a glimmer of something working – eg I got the browser working for 1 minute – but that never lasts. If I get file manager up i can see the files but when i try to open I get the error “unable to open file (-1)”, usually.


So now I am pretty much resigned to a factory reset. I dont have a recent backup so would of course like to save my data first if at all possible. BBLINK fails to do that. Generally it will not connect (I tried lots of different ways, with and without SIM and SD card), and on the one occasion it did the attempt to back up files just hung.


So three questions:

1) What kind of thing causes this – software, virus, hardware? It’s a long time since i last downloaded a new app.

2) Is there any way to save the data before the factory reset?

3) Is there any alternative to a factory reset?


Thanks for any help.

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