blackberry Pearl 8220 Network SOS

Morning my name is AJ,


Sorry if i am posting the blog on wrong place, first time do applogize


here is the deal.


i broke my current phone, not a blackberry


so switching to blackberry pearl flip 8220 unlocked, orginally from rogers


evertime i insert the sim card the network says SOS signal only


my phone is unlocked


i double check

i went to options > advance options > sim > and i type mepd i think i can see everything is disabled so i should be able to communicate but not


furthermore i went into status > service status i belive > i can see the signal strength is changing it is going from 60 – 75 dbm



Please tell me the steps and how can i trouble shootout my phone, until my current one is fixed



FYI thinking to switch to current genration blackberry in future

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