Blinking red light won’t turn off after failed software upgrade

I made mistake of agreeing to latest software upgrade on blackberry classic. I wished I hadn’t pressed on button. Update installed but and then left with a frozen screen that said finalizing update. Nothing else happened. Went online and followed instructions to reset with volume buttons. Did that a couple of times and software update started again but got to same frozen place with message that said finalizing update. When I first pressed on volume button before resetting a 100% appeared for a second on frozen screen. Same pattern every time I reset. Would install and then freeze at the end. I went online again and got advice to press down on power lock button until red light came up. I did that but now red light blinking and won’t stop. Can’t power off.  Have charged in wall for several hours but light still flashing and can’t power off. What should I do next? Your help is needed and appreciated. Thanks!


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