sent date/time for received sms messages

Does anyone know how I can see the date/time when an sms message [or an email] was sent?


Other smart phone devices I used in the past show the date/time when a message was sent, but instead the Blackberry 8900 Curve I recently started using only shows the date/time when the message was received by the device.

I did not find a way to show the date/time when a message was sent, unless I go to my computer, but that only works for email, not for sms.

I looked in all available resources online and found no reference to this issue. Did I miss something?


This is important to me as, if you turn the device off while on a plane, all messages received while the phone was off will show with the date and time of  when you turn the phone back on, and that can be misleading and make you miss an important piece of information, especially when the sequence of events can be essential.


Thank you in advance for your help

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