Facebook App issue and More

The following is an email that I sent out to blackberry local support, however have not had any feedback

“On the day when I bought my blackberry, I was very clear that I did not wish to sit with the issues and frustrations that we had experienced the last time we had blackberrys, about 4 years ago
I was repeatedly told that the phones and software was all sorted out and that I would have no issues

In the mean time, my wife was also due for an upgrade, and little did I know that my blackberry passport software was about to start playing up

It started with the facebook app, that does not function properly
When we looked at the phone, we were told that the new blackberry phones with this software could run android applications
This has proven not true on more then one occasion
The one flight radar app does not work
We tried to load facebook for Android, that just collapses when attempting to open
We even tried doing this after deleting the blackbery facebook app
this was again attempted by the blackberry staff at the blackberry shop at Vodacom world

So, I was told to use the browser
Allow me to add here, that 4 years ago facebook was not an issue, however today it is a big source of info
Back to facebook on the browser
It makes it very difficult to save pictures from facebook while accessing facebook from the browser
‎Further, once I have selected full view and saved a picture via the browser from facebook and I go back, then it takes me back to the top of the page, meaning I go through all the posts on my feed to get back to where I was, before I saved a pic
Further, the browser does not allow me to open a pic in a new tab

Further, many functions of the browser do not work
Like when sharing, it won’t allow to share a post to someone’s wall

Blackberry ducks the issue by saying that they don’t develop the app, however blackberry allows faulty apps to be installed and listed on the blackberry appworld
To me this indicates that blackberry approves of the way the app functions, other wise it would not of been offered

Have had further issues of not connecting to my WiFi connections
And have had issues when connecting to the home WiFi as well as the portable WiFi hot spots
And we only use WiFi on our blackberrys as we have uncapped at home, and we have big data bundles on our tablets that we carry with when out the house, that we use as our WiFi hotspots
Certain rooms in our house, my blackberry looses signal to the router, where as my samsung phone does not
And allow me to add, that I have a small house
Router to where I loose wifi signal on the blackberry passport is about 13m
Further, had an issue on the 1st of September that my emails would no longer update

Have had other issue with the facebook app, where it won’t respond, leaving me to have to close app and start again
When someone replies to my posts on facebook, the application show that there is a reply, however does not display the reply
The blackberry facebook application is pathetic at best

We are highly disappointed again with our blackberrys
Further was informed by the blackberry shop in vodacomworld that by the end of august there should be a solution to the current issues
However, on Tuesday, was informed that the software update, will only come at the end of the year

Well I make no apologies for the fact that I am not prepared to wait that long to have the software issues resolved
Further, we are not the only ones with these issues and hence find the situations disgusting

When we complained at the blackberry shop at the Vodacom world, we were told that they would escalate the issue
That did not happen, and I got no feedback on the issue

When I was advised to contact the app developers about the facebook issues, it soon became apparent that there is no such option

The software on the blackberry does not function properly, leaving the phone also not functioning properly

This leaves me no choice but to go waste my time at Vodacom repair to escalate this issue till either Vodacom puts enough pressure on blackberry that the issues get sorted out completely and properly or Vodacom replaces these phones with other phones of similar values, as long as those phones are not blackberrys

We are highly disappointed and actually disgusted that blackberry is dumping products on the market that are not fully functional

Will be sending this email to as many people as possible blackberry related and not blackbery related‎ and advising people against buying blackberrys”

Hope the issue can now be sorted out without much more inconvenience and disruption to life
Shared this also on vodacom’s page and they have offered to try and help
However, that means driving there, fuel and time for an issue that should of never happened

For sure I am highly unhappy with the situation

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