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Make sure that you winterize your car as you will be driving on ice for several months. Have three types of heaters installed on your car after you have checked with your car insurer. The heaters are for the block, the oil pan and for the battery to insure that your car will always be in tip-top running condition even under the most freezing weather. At the same time always keep in mind to have several thick blankets, a sleeping bag, a torch and extra batteries and duct tape stored in the trunk of your car when you go out. These items can help save you and your car in case of minor problems. You also need a first aid kit, a small tool kit, road flares and freeze-dried food like those included in military rations.

When determining how to plan this party, you’ll need to consider the d茅cor. Your theme will, of course, influence the decorations. But there are lots of additional decorative touches and ideas you might consider: balloons, candles and flowers, personalized signs or banners, crepe paper streamers, paper lanterns, old jerseys or instruments or costumes, banner size photos and life size cardboard “standees” of your teen, Photofetti sprinkled tastefully around the tables, or showered on the guest of honor Golden Goose Online as she makes her entrance. For a dose of kitsch, there’s always the giant, blow up birthday cake for the front lawn.

One of the biggest problems with gas-powered chain saws is that they need air to keep the engine running. Since the air intake on these gas engines is very close to the cutting blade, it’s very common for fine sawdust to make its way into the intake and clog up the engine. Good chain saws will have powerful, efficient filtration systems that only allow clean air to get into the engine. This will keep your chain saw running smoothly for years.

While your pirate heaves ho, you’ll be heaving your Golden Goose Superstar Sale bosom. Some may think that in order to be a pirate wench you just need to find women’s pirate costumes. But if you want to truly be a wench, you need more than a simple pirate wench costume. Here are a few tips on how to let your inner wench seize the day:

Add details on the accessories. The key accessory for the scarecrow costume is the brim hat. To make the hat look even more realistic, you can attach raffia strands under the brim. Use glue to keep the raffia in place. Old silk flowers are also useful in decorating the brim hat. In between the flowers, you can add more raffia strands. Another accessory that is frequently used with the scarecrow is the flannel shirt. Add a few patches on the flannel shirt to make it look run down.

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