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But for Catapult, the company is going on the attack with highcharged descriptions of what it calls its first “hightech” shoe.

For the Chinese, such verities are a proud reflection of their ancient culture (and some relish the chance to tell confused outsiders, in a tone of superiority, the long and arcane story behind this or that proverb). But beyond their actual meanings, proverbs also say something about today’s China: They often serve not just as timeless truths but also as pat homilies to gloss over or explain away the unpleasant realities of the present.

Take a risk What do you really want in life? Think hard about the answer, and as a certain sneaker company says, just do it.

The runners were required to train at least once a week, to only use the shoes for running and to report their training data and any injuries. Participants used the shoes for five months, and posted information about how much they ran and what kinds of injuries they experienced on a dedicated Internet platform. The researchers defined an injury as pain from running experienced for the first time that stopped the user from running for at least Golden Goose Outlet one day.

I think this is fantastic. I think a lot of us get stuck when we think about how to wear flats to the office.

Dansko clogs come in a variety of colors and styles. Whether you are looking for a neutral shade to match every outfit, or a navy or hunter green, perfect for dealing with a full day of potting soil, a clogstyle shoe is your most practical option. Once you have determined your specific need, you can then begin the process of browsing through online inventory.

Medea Benjamin, a cofounder of the antiwar group CODEPINK, said the protest was a way to “get the Bush era out of your intestines.”

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