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The September Issue, fashion’s most exciting documentary since Valentino: The Last Emperor, won’t be released until the fall, but the newly-released trailer has been creating no shortage of buzz. The R.J. Cutler film will be released (unsurprisingly) in September, timed with the Spring/Summer 2010 Fashion Week shows. Given that no further screenings have been scheduled after the initial ones at Sundance and at the MoMA, New York magazine reported that “a cadre of editors and designers are in possession of the coveted gem, resulting in fashion screening parties. The movie nights are rumored to have popped up in New York, Paris, and a hotel in Moscow.”

One of the more difficult skin types to tackle during the summer is oily skin. Heat tends to soften and open pores, thus exposing them to bacteria, sweat, and pollutants, making way for nasty pimples. To avoid congested skin which leads Golden Goose Superstar to acne and other problems, switch to a cleanser that fights bacteria and washes dirt deeply. Look for a gel cleanser that will leave your skin feeling cool and refreshed as creamy cleansers will only clog oily complexions further. Follow your wash with a mattifying moisturizer and oil-free SPF. Repeat during the night, skip the SPF.

For three generations, Magnanni, a family-owned company based in Spain, has been expertly crafting men’s footwear. Every facet of the business including design, purchasing, production and distribution is overseen by a family member. The brand’s design approach is based on three core principles: a commitment to producing handcrafted footwear in an increasingly mechanized world, a rigorous process Golden Goose Star for selecting quality leathers and materials, and the application of distinctive new designs and hand finishes.

Olivier achieved what he had set out to accomplish, not designing total looks, but focus on each individual garment and put them together like the modern woman of today. The finale is spectacular. Understated and restrained, with Classic Olivier silhouette and drama, but refined for Theory.

1. Maybelline Great Lash MascaraA tube of Great Lash mascara never goes out of style. Why? Well, because it’s fantastic! Conditioning as it thickens lashes, Great Lash glides Golden Goose Super Star on ultra-smooth without leaving any clumps. And at around $5 a pop, how can you go wrong?

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