Help, my BB keeps calling people at random!

For the last week or so, my phone has been dialing out on its own. Initially,I updated my options so that my BB would show the dial pad instead of my contact list when using the phone feature, that was working fine for weeks. Now, when I click on my green phone button, it would just automatically go to my contact list and dial the first name on the list.


Now it has progressed into calling people with no effort from me. For instance my phone would be sitting on the dresser and just navigate itself to my contacts or call history and dial someone at random! It truly has a mind of its own! Often times I hear little “hello’s” in familiar voices coming from my phone, only to find that it has called someone else.


I’ve tried resetting it. I have taken the battery out on several occasions, which has helped with other glitches. Turned it off for a few minutes then back on, but to no avail. Does anyone else have this problem or have a clue as to how to remedy it?

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