Help transferring contacts from Bold or Outlook to my newish Classic

My Outlook and Bold has 15500 contacts always synched. Its grown too large to be able to sensibly delete since I dont know which emails and tel nos are current but they are vital. I upgraded to a Blackberry Classic about a year ago and a friend spent about an hour + + trying to transfer my Outlook or Bold contacts into my Classic. I’ve ended up with about 5500 contacts on my Classic in CSV mode whereas my Bold contacts were in VCF mode. I now want to delete all my CSV contacts on my Classic and start again and get all my Outlook contacts transfered across correctly. Whilst logical and not without a technical background i dont know where to start. I dont even understand some of the references or find the Apps that are mentioned. I see that Blackberry doesnt have a Tech Support that i can talk to. can someone tell me what to do? Thank you

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