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In the event you are encountering an issue, here are a few things you can do to help find a solution!


Understand the issue and obtain your device information


To allow others to assist, provide as much detail as possible about the issue you are encountering. For example, saying “BBM doesn’t open” helps, but providing extra detail such as “BBM opens briefly and closes with the following error” really helps!


To get you started, here a few questions you should consider:


  • When was the last time this worked?
  • What did the issue first start occurring?
  • Do you recall making any changes before experiencing the problem?
  • Does an error appear? If so, what is the error message?
  • Is the issue reproducible or does it occur at random?

On top of asking yourself these questions, ensure you provide details on about your device and software versions. To obtain this information, follow the steps below.


Device & Model: e.g. BlackBerry Z30


  • Using BlackBerry 10, go to Settings > About

Device OS Version: e.g.


  • Using BlackBerry 10, go to Settings > About

BBM Version: e.g.


  • Using BlackBerry 10, open BlackBerry World, tap “All” from the bottom left of the screen following by “My World”. Tap “My Apps & Games” followed by “Installed” and finally tap “BBM” followed by locating the “Version” field
  • Using BlackBerry OS, open Options, select “Device” followed by “Application Management”. Locate BBM and record the displayed version

After obtaining an understanding of what’s occurring and capturing your device details, review the supporting content below. If you are still unable to find a solution, post a new thread and provide as much detail as possible so the community can assist!


Check for updated software


The first troubleshooting step you should take is ensuring you are using the latest version of your device OS and BBM. To verify you are, complete the following steps:


Check for an updated Device OS version


  1. Go to Settings > Software Updates
  2. Tap Check for Updates

Check for an updated version of BBM


  1. Open BlackBerry World
  2. Tap the context key in the bottom left corner
  3. Tap My World followed by My Apps & Games
  4. Tap Check for Updates

If updates are found, install them and see if the issue you are encountering still occurs. If the issue persists, review the next section for help finding a solution!


Review Troubleshooting Content


After verifying you are using the latest version of software, review the listing below of available self-service content


BBM User Guide – Troubleshooting BBM 

  • I can’t add a BBM contact
  • I used the wrong BlackBerry ID for BBM
  • An app keeps prompting me
  • I accidently blocked an invitation
  • I can’t use BBM

How-to Knowledge Base Articles


BlackBerry 10


  • KB27691 Viewing applications linked to BlackBerry Messenger
  • KB33259 Options for migrating a BlackBerry Messenger profile to a BlackBerry 10 smartphone

Troubleshooting Knowledge Base Articles


BlackBerry 10


  • KB26816 Using Video Chat, BBM Voice, or BBM Video behind a firewall
  • KB33780 “A temporary server error has occurred error” may be displayed during initial setup of BBM and BBM contacts appear to have disappeared
  • KB34849 Unable to change the BBM Display Picture on the BlackBerry 10 smartphone
  • KB33644 “Incorrect device time” error displayed when starting BBM on the BlackBerry smartphone
  • KB33708 BBM conversations do not rotate to Landscape orientation
  • KB35775 BBM does not open or displays “BBM has lost its connection. Please wait while server attempts to reconnect.”
  • KB35824 When attempting to place a BBM Voice or BBM Video call the icon is missing

BlackBerry ID Knowledge Base Articles


In addition to the knowledge base articles listed above, search the BlackBerry Knowledge Base as well.


To do this, go to and search based on the issue you are encountering. To help find applicable content, start off by searching for your device platform and a few key words related to the issue you are encountering. For example, if you using a BlackBerry 10 device and are having trouble sending attachments, start your search using “BlackBerry BBM attachments”.


If after reviewing the knowledge base you are unable to find an article that helps, post a new thread providing as much detail as possible so the community can assist. If a fellow community member responds and they post helps resolve the issue you are encountering make sure you click Accept as Solution. Doing so will others facing a similar issue that stumble across your post to identify what solution helped you get up and running again!


I hope this helps – happy chatting Smiley Very Happy


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