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Articles: Writing that Works Articles: Writing that Works March 22 Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys , 2013 | Author: Adair Jones | Posted in BusinessAnswer to the question, “What is article marketing?” you need to know what makes the internet tick. Search Engines become the organizer of all content and ranks it by words. It just so happens that articles are made up of words, and within these words are keywords, that are searched by people who get valuable advise, become traffic to your website, and hopefully conversions of sales or signups.

Search engines go through content, word by word, trying find matches with relevancy and weight to the keywords typed in the search bar. There are 100′s of search engines, and even thousands when you include internal site search, and every one of them searches content.

Think about how you go about looking for something online. You go to your search engine, or in a video site, or a retail website, or in a social site. The internet is organized thru searches. Indexing sites and finding relevant content to match what someone typed in the search bar is what engines do with the help of spiderbots, little programs crawling over websites. Understand that spiderbots nor search engines can actually read. They can not translate what you mean either. They simply word match, so specific words return more specific search results.

Why is article marketing a good form of internet marketing? To begin, articles are all content. I’m sure by now, you’ve heard the saying Cheap NFL Jerseys , “content is king.” Spiders love to crawl over fresh, new, and changing content. The latest and the greatest content is always best. What doesn’t get crawled are videos, pictures, and flash. They aren’t words so spiders do not recognize them, but any descriptions, tags and keywords, titles, comments, dates, or captions for the multimedia all do get crawled.

Here is something to think about. Remember the movie, I Robot, with Will Smith? The website for that movie had zero words on the site, it was all flash and video, and any words that were included were in the videos, which the search engine spiders could not read. But this main site ranked at the top of all the search engines, having no content. Why? Because all of the other sites out there placing content about I Robot Cheap Jerseys USA , like articles, reviews, thoughts, comments, ratings, and discussions, all pointed back to the I Robot website, ranking it at the top. This is link reputation at its finest.

Knowing how other networks of sites can rank a particular site is how you will rank your site – with writing articles. The submission of an article a day will begin to leverage your blog from all of the links you include in your signature. The more valuable the content, the better the click through to your site, the better ranking you will get. Write what your site is about, but in specific areas of your niche, and center on relative keywords. So if your site is about roses, write articles on grafting species, and fertilizing, and pruning, soil conditions, etc. Don’t write about dog treats Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping , and point the article towards a roses blog. That will just hurt your ranking.

Start with consistency and write an article a day. Then be persistent and don’t stop, ever. Your army of articles that are submitted to high ranking authority sites will start to generate endless traffic and get your site ranking in its niche before you know it. Since articles never go away, they will always end up from someone search, they will read your valued content, follow your signature links and potentially buy from you. It is like an article in last months newspaper. You read it, regardless of how old the paper was, you learned something from the article and used their call to action to buy the product that was relative to the article.

Example: An article in a 2 year old magazine, sitting in the waiting room while you wait, catches your attention on how the Sun affects our vision. You learn that UV rays can filter through clouds and still do permanent damage to your retinas, and how wearing the proper sunglasses can reduce this harmful exposure. At the end of the article, you realize that your dollar store sunglasses are not protecting you, and you tear out the article so that you can go to the recommended sunglass retailer’s website and choose from their huge selection of glasses, and purchase a pair (or two).

One thing about writing articles, it is not a fast technique for results. It is, however, a crucial and important foundation any internet marketer needs to have in their business. Once you have enough articles out there, you won’t be able to turn it off. And the nice thing about this Cheap Jerseys From China , it doesn’t cost a thing to write articles.

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Museums & 4 Reasons To Get Involved Museums & 4 Reasons To Get Involved February 11, 2016 | Author: Jennifer Marie Anderson | Posted in Education

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