How to do If Finished Products of Raymond Mill with Impurities?

Raymond grinder has great effect in grinding marble, basalt, limestone, perlite and many other materials. This grinding mill has various favorable advantages like strong automaticity, stale running and noise free, which makes it an optimal grinding device for investors to pulverize all kinds of ores. However, the only fly in the ointment is that some grinding machines are incapable of meeting the requirements of customers because of the high content of impurities in the finished products. What causes this? This is what we will discuss here.
Factors Which Cause High Content of Impurities:
1. Abnormal filtering apparatus
There could be two circumstances. The first one is apparatus damage, and the second one is improper mesh opening, which means that the mesh size is improperly large. The size of the mesh and attributes of the materials do not match.
2. Impurity of the material itself
The degree of purity of finished products will also decline if the material itself contains too many impurities. The problems caused by the material have nothing to do with the <a href=””>raymond mill</a>, which makes detailed analysis of materials and real-time detection necessary and important.
3. Motor failure
There exists a close relationship between the motor and running status of Raymond grinder machine. Motors with excellent properties can largely enhance the operating stability and reliability, which furtherly elevates the degree of purity of finished products. In all, the discharge can also be affected by the motor.
4. Insufficient cleaning
It chiefly refers to the maintenance of equipment. Regular machine maintenance is also an effective means to elevate the degree of purity. The cleaness of feeding port and discharging port deserves much attention and should never be neglected. The foreign matters in these two key areas will surely result to high content of impurities.
How to Solve These Problems?
Accurate analysis has been made on the reasons of impurities contained in the finished products. How to solve these problems? Contraposing every single factor, we should take corresponding measures to improve the quality of finished products.
1. For the impurities caused by filtering apparatus, we suggest that investors replace the improper filtering device that with same specification of materials under the guide of professionals.
2. Preliminary treatment or processing is necessary if materials themselves contain too many impurities, or you can pulverize or grind them repeatedly( this is not suggested, for it will increase energy consumption and investment costs).
3. If the motor goes wrong, comprehensive detection and maintenance are indispensable. Regular lubrication is also necessary. These measures are all aimed at enhancing working performance and operating stability of <a href=””>ultrafine mill</a>.
4. For cleaning, there are two key points that investors should keep in mind:First thing is to clean up the foreign matters and wastes that exist between the clearance of Raymond grinding machine.Second is, after the machine is switched off, thorough cleaning is of necessity to avoid dust pollution from the outside.
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