Interrupted Security Wipe

Hi  HELP !!

I executed a security wipe on the Z10 as the phone was to be given to another user for testing as it was unstable. The system got stuck, After several hours of waiting I took the battery out and attempted to re start the phone. I now get a  symbol of the phone connected to a PC via USB.

Having read the blogs I realize that taking the battery out was a mistake…..!

I tried many times to update the devise software via the PC. I get to the point that it starts downloading the software and the green LED comes on , Then I get a message that there is a Fatal error and to try again.

Having used Blackberry products for many years this is very disappointing,


Having taken so much effort to restore the phone it still remains ” Bricked”!!

I am now in Sri Lanka and a long way from Canada where I purchased the phone.

Can you please help me

Anil Gunawardana

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