Is my Pearl 8130 dead?

I’ve tried all the suggestions I’ve found to resurrect an old Blackberry Pearl 8130 from the dead but it never gets past the point “waiting to initialize”. I’ve used both Desktop Manager and Application Loader. I’ve pulled the battery out before and after connecting to a PC. The display seems OK since I see the “no battery” screen. Application Loader seems to load system software but never connects (eventually asking me to retry or put in a password). The screen stays black with an occasional flash of white. The red led flashes on and off and in time with that Windows Device Manager senses it and then removes it (continuously). I know the battery is good (it reads almost 4 volts). Is there anything else I can try or is some part of the hardware fried?


I’m assuming there’s no one I can call at Blackberry or my provider since it was already replaced by a newer model. All I want is for it to play music!

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