Loss of LTE Data Connection

I had a Z10 for 2.5 years and it worked fine on the AT&T network.  In October I upgraded to an AT&T Passport.  Last Thursday (mid january) I got the following error for the LTE data network:


Unable to establish a wireless data connection with the current Internet APN.  Network cause code: 33


My APN (which I can’t change) is set to “nxtgenphone”.


My model number is SQW100-3.  My software release is


My Service for my SIM is “SRV-00002-491” and y Servicce alias is “Blackberry 10 Wifi Only”.


AT&T support has no idea what this is.  They are shipping me a replacement phone but I am not convinced that this is the issue.  I have tried re-executing “Register Blackberry” and “Resync Configuration” under “About->Network->3Button Menu” but no luck.


Does anyone have any ideas?

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