No BB10 phone association with BB Protect – website shows that my Server Region is America (instead of correct EMEA)


I need your help guys. I have new BB Passport Silver Edition.
I tried to associate my Passport (SE) with my new BB ID. It looked that it works fine in the phone, but later I found out that BB Protected website shows the phone is  NOT ASSOCIATED.  There is this message: “A device isn’t associated with BlackBerry Protect…”.
Interesting is that Blackberry Protect website shows that my Server Region is America,  I am sure it should be EMEA (I am in the Germany and Czech Republic). No idea wheather this is a symptom or the cause. I have tried always everything (written in this forum), but with no success. Smiley Sad
I use the Blackberry Protect service on the two other phones, but without any problem. So please, help me.
My  OS version is .
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