Not receiving emails sent to me, but can see emails I send and can send emails to others

For quite some time now, my blackberry hasn’t been receiving emails. My inbox has “hide sent messages” disabled, and all I can see for as far as I can scroll are emails I have sent. I have basically been relying on the web client (I use gmail) for emails, but it’s reaching a point where I really need to be able to email from my phone again.


Here’s what I can do:

Send emails to others from my phone

See emails I have sent from the web client on my phone as a sent message


Here’s what I can’t do:

Receive emails on my phone. It’s just one big outbox.


It can’t be that my login details are wrong because it still functions as an outbox. It’s just not an inbox any more. I’ve checked that I have mobile network enabled. and I definitely have a clear enough signal. I can use the web browser to access web pages, and it’s worth noting that I used to be able to send/receive email even when I didn’t have enough signal/coverage for the web browser.

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