Priv Hub is disappointing

I LOVED the Hub in BB10. Work of a genius. I even had the Passport.


Then my firm abandoned all BBs because they did not support the functions required of a modern mobile device, including various collaboration platforms.


Now I have the Priv because its  BB and I wanted a physical keyboard device that my firm would support. But the Hub for Priv is a disaster. It is not easy to use, and isn’t as clean as that on BB10.


I can’t even get my firm email to integrate into the Hub. IT tells me that the Priv is not configured for this. Instead I have to use a separate icon on the homescreen to get into firm email.


What’sApp group messages show up as separate messages sent by each group member, instead of just having the latest message appear which leads to the whole thread of messages.


Is BB working on a solution? If I can’t get the Hub to work as it should (i.e., the way it did on BB10), then I’d rather go back to iOS. Its a proven platform that just works.

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