Unlocking Antitheft on Q10

I change my phone, and i try give out my q10 to my Wife. On changing the blackbery id to her own the phone ask for my bb id password which i could not even remeber, i open it with my school email of which i register on the hub system. After i had graduated so mny years now i cant access the school webmail and on trying to log in i cant. And the change password email is not showing on my phone. So i opted for the option to delete my account which i successfully did, thinking it will solve the problm. It did not. I cant wipe coz of the anti theft protection on. Well i did try other means by wiping the phone from a phone operator. After succesfully wiping it, on the start up mode the phone still require me to sign in with the same bb id i have already deleted. Please help me my phone is useless now. Daniel from Nigeria

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