Why can’t I open my BlackBerry Messenger?

I’m having this problem with my BlackBerry. I don’t know why I can’t open my BlackBerry Messenger. I’ve tried to plugged out the battery and put it back in but still, I can’t open my BlackBerry Messenger. So I did it repeatedly but I can’t still open my BlackBerry Messenger. I read all about it on the internet and all they suggested is to back-up the BlackBerry Messenger contacts and upgrade the BlackBerry Messenger. I’d like to do that but how can I back-up my BlackBerry Messenger contacts when I can’t even open my BlackBerry Messenger? So I tried downloading the BlackBerry Desktop Software. I connect my phone to it and I clicked on “Back up now”. And now it’s saved in my documents. But my question is, now that (I think) I’ve backed up all of my data, can I delete my BlackBerry Messenger and install/upgrade it and still have all my contacts? PLEASE REPLY ASAP.

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