Why we don’t see fiber optic box

Is there any reason why we don’t see fiber optic box? I mean ones with a fiber optic jack instead of a RJ45 port.

Here in Thailand all of our carriers with fiber packages run fiber directly to the modem itself. I have a Huawei modem with a fiber port. My last carrier also had a branded fiber modem.

When I look, I never see anyone that carries a fiber optic modem in retail stores, or anywhere for that matter.

I understand that in the US you have “last mile” fiber, so it’s copper to the house. It makes sense why the US market would use a RJ45 router for fiber, but wouldn’t there also be market for fiber optic port modems if the Asian market runs fiber to the house?

I guess a second point would be, why isn’t fiber just run to the house like it is here? It’s seems pretty simple and less points of failure.

Edit: I might be wrong about RJ45 as I have never seen a fiber connection in the US, it just made sense to me more than a typical RJ11 port.

Maybe I don’t correctly understand your question, but what would be the point of a fiber optic modem?

For our commercial customers, we either put in a router with Ftth Box or SPF+ interface, or we put in a Layer 2 switch with one of these interfaces, depending on the contract.

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